Some might not be familiar with helicopter ponytail, actually if you are out for a special occasion like a cool party, or go for doing sports, or just go to work or school, the helicopter ponytail is really a good hairstyle that you can try. It looks so nice and amazing, and keeps it out the way.

Step1 Use a comb to comb your hair through so that you can get rid of tangles, and make it easier to work with.

Step2 Before you brush or comb it, you can flip your hair upside-down , this will (hopefully) gather all the hair on to the top of your head.
Step3 Use one of your hands to gather your hair, and then wrap a hair band round it as many time possible, and keep it in.

Step4 Flip your head up the right way, up and brush the ponytail once again.

Step5 You can lose and pull the hair band to make the ponytail loose or tight, anything you want, you only need to control the hairband.

Step6 Now you have a helicopter ponytail, if it does not look good, you can do it again. You know that it is very easy.