When you searching hair extensions online, you will always find out many cute colorful hair extensions are listed at low price, even just $6 for one piece. This instruction is going to teach you how to make your own. If you cut your hair off and now you want your hair to be long again, you will also find this instruction helpful.


1.Get the necessary items you need for making your own hair extensions.

2.Find some synthetic hair or a wig that has the same or longer length than your natural hair. You can make the hair extensions when the Halloween is coming, because you can usually get a lot of fake hair or wigs at this time.

3.Chop the hair off. You can chop the synthetic hair or wig off based on how many different extensions you want. The length of the chopped hair can be 0.1inch to 1inch.

4.Pin the hair. You need to get some thin hair clips or bobby pins after you cut the enough amount of segments of the fake hair you want.

5. Glue the hair. It is the most important step of the whole process. Glue the chopped hair to the hair clips or bobby pins you get collected. It is suggested to use super glue or hot glue. Remember not to use too much glue, otherwise the extra glue might peek through the hair. Instead of gluing the hair all in one place, you can glue the hair all along the hair clip or bobby pin, as it can make the hair not look too clumpy when you put it in the hair.

6. Dry the hair. Dry the hair extensions which you just made for at least 24 hours before you want to use them. This is also a very important step.

7. Start to wear the newly made hair extensions. You need to put these newly made extensions underneath the hair when using them. Make sure not to put them near your scalp. If you do, your hair extensions will be disclosed and they will not look good.