Do you know how to get the Cheryl Cole look by using hair extensions? First you need to get some sets of extensions for yourself, and these extensions need to be real and match to your hair perfectly. Then the next step, you can style it to look real and like Cheryl Cole’s. 


1.Prepare your hair extensions, and put them on to see if they need cut or that they match your color of hair. 

2.Use plenty of shampoo and little conditioner to wash your hair, then put mousse in your hair and blow dry backwards. 

3.You will notice the difference once the whole head is dry. Use a comb to brush through the hair then back comb gently. 

4. Apply plenty of hairspray, and then make the ends of your hair curled slightly. 

5.As soon as you have your hair sorted, you can take the extensions and use tongs or straighterners to curl them. 

6.Make half of your hair clip up, and then put in at least 18 clips of extensions for extra volume and thickness. 

7.When the clips make your hair fixed, the hair will look natural and real. And you can use more hairspray. 

8.Do some more back combs if the hair is flattened.