If you think your clip in extensions are so dark and you want them to be lighter, an easy and cheap way to realize what you want is to bleach them at home. If the bleaching is done in a correct way, your extensions will be changed to lighter without being damaged. But never try to dye synthetic hair extensions. Here we only take about human hair extensions.


 1.Start with clean extensions without experiencing the buildup of hair product. Put them on individual sheets of tinfoil.


2. Get a bleach kit online or offline, anywhere you can get a high quality kit.


3. Mix the liquid and the powder and follow the instructions in your kit.


4. Put on your gloves, and massage the mixture into the extensions beginning with the top. Use circular motions and move towards the ends. Saturate the extensions fully.


5.Fold the foil over the extensions to make sure no bleach spills out.


6.You need to check on the extensions every ten minutes until they have the color you want.


7. Use a PH balancing shampoo to wash the extensions to get rid of the chemicals. Then apply a deep conditioning treatment on them, and then leave them overnight.


8. If the extensions are not in the ideal color, you may need to do another bleaching. Make sure to check on them every ten minutes to make sure that they are not being over processed.


9. The last step is to eliminate any brassy tones with a toner.