How to make your hairdo stand out? The best way is to add hairpieces. If you go out for an evening party or a special occasion, it is a wise choice for you to do something to your hair to make it unusual. It is really a fun to experiment with different hairpieces.


 1. Buy some artificial hair that is suitable for you in a beauty store. The hair should match your own hair coloring and style. It is suggested to look for high quality doll hair that comes in various colors and textures.

 2. Get some barrettes and different clips that match your style. These products can help you form the hairpieces by attaching the hair into them. You can make your hair look very natural by using these barrettes or clips when you pull the hair back.

 3. Make the artificial hair straighten by laying it out on a smooth surface, until the ends are even. Do not think of giving up if this takes a longer time. Make sure that the hair is clean and combed before you do this, which can help you shorten the time period.

 4. Add contact cement to the higher fringe of the clip after you open it. Carefully check the hair to make sure that it is lined up with one finish after adding a clump of hair. Set the hair into the cement and then push it right down to make the cement grab the hair evenly.

 5. Add another cement and more hair after the primary hair patch gets dry. Remove the loose hair by shaking the clip once.

 6. Choose a proper toothed headband to build a hairpiece. Add the hair after you add contact cement to the lowest aspect of the headscarf. You do not need to make the hair utterly cowl the headscarf when using the headband.

 7. Use a cloth headband that has a similar color with your hair to make a bun. Make the headscarf into a circle and then form the dimensions of the bun. Put glues on the ends of the material and glue along to make them stale, and then wait until it gets dry.

 8. Use the cement glue to attach hairpieces to the material. Start from gluing the tip of the hair within the circle, and then make the hair up round the front, and finish it through the middle part. Do the same things once again.

 9. Use the hair to hide all the contact cement, and you need to continue doing that until you hide the entire bun with the hair. Stay the bun by using clips or bobby pins when being in a correct position.