You will find a surprise in the morning if you leave wet hair loose overnight. If you want to take care of your hair, you can blot hair with a towel to absorb as much water as possible, then try one of these quick styles to eliminate bedhead.


Wake Up to More Volume

Fine hair is easier to fall flat. These four fast steps will add body overnight:


1. Spritz all over with a volumizing hair spray, which swells the hair shaft as it dries and makes hair look thicker.

2. Pull it all into a high pony at your crown and twist the tail—winding it onto itself to create a loose bun. Why loose? Because a too-tight chignon not only prevents hair from drying all the way through but also could lead to breakage (especially if your hair is relaxed).

3. With a few long bobbies, pin the bun in place.

4. In the morning, let your hair down and finger comb, it will create frizz if using a brush.


Wake Up to Waves

Try Gibson's technique for shoulder-length hair and skip the curling iron in the morning.


1. Apply a light mousse from roots to ends to help hair hold its shape as it dries.

2. Separate your hair down the middle with a comb into two equal sections, from hairline to nape.

3. Start from the middle, and braid each side down. It will create  crimps near your roots if starting any higher.

4. Make the end of each braid stable with a metal-free elastic.

5. In the morning, you need to pull out the pins or elastics and unwind your hair. To have a beachy effect, mist a salt spray all over your hair and scrunch with your hands.


Wake Up to Less Frizz

Giving your hair a break from heat can actually be beneficial—especially for those with natural waves.


1. Use a light leave-in conditioner and use a wide-tooth comb to distribute it to your ends. A brush or a fine-tooth comb can destroy your curl pattern and create kinks.

2. Part your hair down the middle. Divide each side into three smaller sections.

3. Starting at the bottom of one of the smaller sections, create a pin curl by wrapping the ends up and over two fingers as you would a foam roller and continue winding up toward your roots. (This prevents curls from tangling or catching on your pillow at night.)

4. Slip your fingers out and secure the pin curl to your scalp using a clip. Then repeat steps three and four on the other five sections.

5. Remove the clips in the morning and lightly spritz your hair with water to soften curls and eliminate static.