Hair extensions will always look great if you take care of them all the time. Regardless of human hair extensions or synthetic hair extensions, you need to treat them gently. Before washing them or going to sleep, you should carefully remove your extension and brush it with wide tooth brush.

When washing the hair, do use a gentle moisturizing shampoo. You can start from the top and then work the shampoo down the hair. Rinse the hair gently and then blot it.

 After you wash the hair and detangle it with wide tooth comb, do apply a leave in conditioner everyday. Make sure the hair fully dry before you go to the bed. You had better let the hair extensions air dry. You need to set on low heat and speed if you use a dryer to dry the extensions. When you are sleeping, you can wrap the hair up with a scarf or use a sleep cap to avoid tangling.

 If you want to style hair extensions, a looper brush or a smooth styling comb is suggested. You can start at the ends and gently work your way up, brushing or combing in a downward motion. It is suggested to use alcohol-free styling products on hair extensions. Make sure that you do not over use these products; otherwise there will be buildup on the hair. Remember that heated styling appliances can be only used on human hair extensions. If possible, make sure to use conditioning ionic ceramic heat styling tools whenever possible.