Clip-in hair extensions are a great alternative to sewn-in or glued in hair extensions and require very little upkeep. Compared to the traditional glue-in extensions, they are cheaper, faster and healthier for your hair. You can make your hair longer and thicker in a few minutes. Another important thing for these extensions is that they can be maintained very easily.

 Clip in hair extensions care 1

Step 1  Use a brush or a comb to comb your hair extensions; Remove all the tangles and knots. A wide tooth comb or brush is suggested.

 Clip in hair extensions care 2

Step 2  Wet the extensions with cold or warm water gently.

 Clip in hair extensions care 3

Step 3  Distribute shampoo evenly on the extensions and comb the product with  your fingers gently.

 Clip in hair extensions care 4

Step 4  Rinse the extensions gently for about 3-4 minutes.

Clip in hair extensions care 5

Step 5  Distribute conditioner evenly on the product, and it can make them easier to comb when they are dry.

Clip in hair extensions care 6Step 6  Comb through the extensions to prevent them from tangling once they are dry. You can air dry the product to keep it in good condition.

 Clip in hair extensions care 7

Step 7  Do not wash them too much, once a week is fine. If necessary, you can use a dry shampoo to prevent possible breakage or hair loss.

Clip in hair extensions care 8

Step 8  When you take them off, you can comb them to get the tangles out. It is a good way to tie a loose ponytail around the extensions to prevent knotting.