As a girl, you might want to make a wig out of yarn, since it can bring you so much joy. But how to do that? Lovely-wholesale will tell you how to achieve this step by step.



 1.Select your yarn in whatever color you like.


2.find out some old stockings in a color same as that of your yarn.

3.Put them onto your head and ensure that it fits nicely but not so tight.

4.Chop off the legs of your stockings.

5.Sew the rest of the stockings together, just like a little cap. Try it on again to make sure that it isn't too tight. Alternatively you can purchase a very thin cap.


6.Separate your yarn into 50-60cm. It actually depends on how long you want your wig.

7.Find the halfway point of the yarn. Make a line on your cap at halfway. Sew the halfway point of the yarn across the halfway point of the cap. Use similar colored thread to the yarn.


8. Glue little bits of the rest with strong glue underneath.