Yellow! Blonde! Red! Green! Brown! Pink! Anything you want! Everyone knows that hair extensions are the strips of synthetic hair that you can attach to your natural hair. They are available in many natural colors. How to choose the right one bases on if it looks natural and real on you or not.




1. Select your favorite color. You can choose light blonde if your hair is black. If you have brown hair, you can have any color you want, as long as it looks good on you. The color of black or light brown will be good for blonde hair.


2. When referring to the un-natural colors, black looks best with yellow, silver, purple, red and blue. Brown looks pretty with blue, red and turquoise. For blonde, you can have a lot of choices to do with it, since it can match well with almost every color, but the best matches are green, pink and blue. Yellow is not a good choice, since it is not noticeable and will look weird.


3. Just go to purchase the one you have chosen. These extensions can be available online and offline.


4. Enjoy what hair streak extensions bring to you.